2008 BET Awards

First, a disclaimer (or two).

I don’t have cable. Well, let me clarify – I have very basic cable. Not expanded basic, but simple basic. You know, NBC, CBS and ABC.

A few years ago, I downgraded my cable because of some life changes. Even though things have greatly improved, I see no need to go back to paying $45 for TV. Once you go without, you realize you aren’t missing anything.

I said all that to say – I don’t have Black Entertainment Television, a k a BET – but I do have a friend who tapes things for me when I ask. After a few mishaps, I finally received the tape with the 2008 BET Awards on it, and I watched it tonight.

Second disclaimer – I’m not a fan of BET. Haven’t been for many years. I stopped watching it around the time they got rid of Tavis Smiley. BET needs a major overhaul – and quick.

I would be telling a small lie if I said I watched the entire awards show. I didn’t. I fast forwarded through the majority of it. See, I’m a product of the 80s – New Edition, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, you get the picture? I don’t listen to half of what’s currently out because I just can’t take it. (Don’t get me started on Lil’ Wayne and that damn lollipop song).

This is what I did see and enjoyed about the show:

Alicia Keys had me out of my seat when she brought SWV, En Vogue and TLC on stage with her to sing Weak, Hold On and Waterfalls respectively. Those are three girl groups I still listen to even though none of them have recently released an album. Shoot, I was jamming to SWV the other day. Their music is music I’ve always related to.

I don’t listen to gospel, but Marvin Sapp raised the roof. I couldn’t help but wonder though, if he and the gospel category were out of place at this show. With all the ass shaking other performers had on stage, it just didn’t seem appropriate after hearing Sapp sing about the Lord.

Maxwell, where have you been! When he walked out on stage to pay tribute to Al Green, I clutched my chest and held my breath. The man is still fine, sounds superb and needs to hurry the hell up with his next album. I mean, it’s been seven years already!

My real purpose for watching the show was Miss Jill Scott. I knew she was singing a tribute to Al Green and as usual, she didn’t disappoint. If you’ve never seen Jill perform live, you are missing one of the best artists of our time.

Al Green showed the younger generation just why he’s been in the music biz for 30 years. He wasn’t lip synching (come on Usher, you’ve been in the game too long for that!) and everyone in the audience knew his songs. I was up and dancing when he launched into Love and Happiness. Go head Al!

I really wonder (all the time) will the current crop of rappers be around in 30 years? And will there be people who will actually pay to go see them? I’ll save that for another blog.

I was disappointed when Alicia Keys won over Mary J. Blige for best female artist. I love both, but Mary’s album was just superior to me. I guess I should be happy someone with some talent won. Also, why did Mary not perform? I would have taken her over Rihanna any day.

Lastly, it’s never cute when an overweight person’s stomach is on display. Rick Ross knows he needed to close his shirt during the T-Pain performance. Dang, I sound like my mama!


2 thoughts on “2008 BET Awards

  1. lol @ sound like my mama.i think BET did a respectable job with the awards this year, as opposed to the show i witnessed last year.rick ross and t-pain lost me, but i gained an appreciation for al green, maxwell and others. it was good seeing en vogue, swv, and TLC even though weight has become an issue.

  2. I have cable, but just finished watching the BET awards show Monday (July 21) night. That shows you how high BET is on my priority list. And I fast forwarded through most of the show too, but I thought overall, it was decent. But I guess we should be striving for more than just decent. Jill put it down, as usual, but I thought Maxwell was a little shaky, like he hasn’t even been singing in the shower. I was surpised that Alicia won over Mary, too. I also enjoyed Al Green.

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