Can’t let go — but really want to

I’m in a bit of a quandary right now.

I still own cassette tapes.

I know I’m not the only one, but among my friends, I think I just might be.

What 8-tracks were to my parent’s generation, cassette tapes are to mine – classics. It took me a long while to switch to CDs. I told myself CDs weren’t as good as cassettes and I would never change over.

Obviously I got over that thinking. Sidebar, I was the same way with VHS tapes and DVDs. I didn’t make that switch until my sister bought me a DVD player for Christmas one year. Even then, it took a minute before I realized just how much better quality a DVD was.

I’m still trying to figure out why I’m holding on to these tapes, especially since I don’t have anything to play them on. A few months ago I replaced the cassette radio in my car with a CD/MP3 player, so there went my only avenue for playing a tape.

What am I to do with these cassettes?

There’s a record store where I live called Rasputin Music. They buy used CDs and DVDs. Their used section is outstanding and you generally can find that CD you’ve long forgotten about. You know the one you remember one day while you’re driving down the highway, listening to the radio and Troop’s All I Do Is Think of you comes on?

I had that happen to me with Intro – their first album. I have it on tape, but luckily Rasputin had it on CD.

They used to buy back tapes, but the last time I was in there, there wasn’t a cassette tape in sight. I wonder what they did with them. Hum, maybe they sent them to cassette tape heaven where they are now conversing with 8-track and reel-to-reel, reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

Anyone have any really good ideas on how I can dispose of such classics as Johnny Gill’s self-titled album, New Edition’s Under the Blue Moon, Kriss Krosses’ Da Bomb or Ex-Girlfriend’s X Marks the Spot? Wait, what in the heck did Ex-Girlfriend sing???

I can’t bring myself to throw these in the trash. I’m trying to be an environmentally conscious person, but really, what else can I do with them?


2 thoughts on “Can’t let go — but really want to

  1. See, I’m glad to know I’m not the only way. My favorite tape is missing, it was MC Breeze, no future in your frontin’ and it was a cassette single.The rest of them are in the closet. Just something else I can’t part with.

  2. We are all trapped in the same era. I have a huge rubbermaid container full of some true classics. Some of them are mix tapes with songs that are not even available on dvd or i-tunes. The record store Leopold’s in Berkeley used to buy back cassettes, but I don’t know about now. The other option might be to buy a device that will convert cassettes to mp3 files (I saw one in a SkyMiles catalog).

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