Chocolate Legs and Eric Benet

Eric Benet wants me to wrap my chocolate legs around him.
Um, well, that’s what he was singing about during the celebration of a local radio personality’s birthday. Of course, I just knew he was singing directly to me seeing as though I was really close to the stage.
Forget about the 30 or so women who were right in front of the stage; he looked me in my eyes (through darks shades) and sang Chocolate Legs to me and only me. Maybe I’m stretching it, but I was there and you weren’t.
Eric was the invited guest for Kevin Brown’s 50th birthday party. Several hundred people attended the event in support of Kevin, and for a worthwhile cause – helping children returning to school.
The price of admission was a backpack full of school supplies or $20. I chose the former.
Despite being in line 30 minutes before the doors opened and with only about 50 people ahead of us, my girls and I were still unable to secure seating (there were a lot of VIP sections. What’s up with that?), so we decided to grab something to eat next door.
Unfortunately we missed the surprise appearances of D’Wayne Wiggins of Tony! Toni! Tone! and comedian Mark Curry.
No biggie since we were really there to see Eric Benet. He took the stage around 9 o’clock and sang four songs – Feminity, Georgy Porgy, the aforementioned Chocolate Legs (from his soon-to-be-released album Love & Life out Sept. 9) and his latest single You’re The Only One. I’ve never seen Eric perform live, but he was well worth my backpack full of school supplies.
Eric’s voice was clear and crisp (despite the sub par sound system). I’m sure every woman in the audience felt like he wanted them to wrap their legs around him. There were even a few women in the front row who were trying to make that happen, and Eric had to step back from the stage because several of them couldn’t keep their hands to themselves.
I don’t blame them though. That man oozes sexy. The lips and five o’clock shadow just did it for me!
According to Eric’s Web site he plans to tour in support of Love & Live. Check him out – I actually plan to buy his new album based on his performance (Chocolate Legs had a little something to do with the decision as well).


2 thoughts on “Chocolate Legs and Eric Benet

  1. I was at that performance. And the entralling experience is still coursing through my vessels.Eric Benet entranced the audience, both men and women, with his artistry, sweetly melodic voice waves, persona, charisma, and his beautiful manhood.I drove home enthralled without knowing the effect would be all but permanent.An Eric Benet performance is a performance which will enhance your being.

  2. You are so right about Eric Benet. He is talented and sexy. I am so looking forward to the release of his new c.d., "Love & Life", next Tuesday(Sept. 9). You sound like a real Eric Benet fan. Let me invite you to check out his official fan web site, We're a family of Eric-lovers. come get "Benet-itized".You might want to also visit the

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