Maxwell wants me (or so it felt like it)

Ladies, before you head out to a Maxwell concert, make sure to grab an extra pair of panties – preferably new – because he wants them.

But only if you are single.

That’s what he expressed to the audience Tuesday night during his performance at the Paramount Theatre in Oakland. Throughout the hour-and-a-half show, Maxwell danced, got down on his knees and laid down on the ground, asking “Oakland, is it OK if you lay on top of me tonight?”

I’m sure every woman in there (including the married, engaged or just living together) imagined she was on the stage at that moment.

I know did. Actually, I imagined myself on that stage the entire evening. Maxwell is one fine piece of a man. What’s better than looking scrumptious and being able to sing?

I’m digressing.

It’s been seven looooonnnnnggggg years since Maxwell released an album. That didn’t matter though. His show Tuesday night was sold out; another was added on Wednesday.

Maxwell knew it had been a long time – he said as much – and he was really appreciative of people still coming out to see him despite not having released an album or single.

The first and last time I saw Maxwell in concert was 2001. I remember standing the entire time, and screaming – a lot.

This time was no different. Maxwell started the set with Get to Know Ya and asked us if we wanted to get nasty and sexy.

We did.

Throughout the evening, the audience stood and sat through Lifetime, This Woman’s Work, Sumthin’, Sumthin’, Ascension (Don’t You Ever Wonder), Al Green’s Simply Beautiful, which he performed at the BET Awards earlier this year, and Fortunate.

After previewing a song from his forthcoming album Black Summer’s Night. he said, “Thank you for not throwing tomatoes. It’s a brand new song and sometimes brand new songs are annoying to listen to.”

Only because we don’t know the words yet.

I didn’t realize Maxwell had a comedic side to him. He had the audience laughing throughout the evening, especially when he said, “I’m setting you up tonight, brothas. You are going to get the best piece of something!”

He then dedicated the next song he sung to “the future panties that will be thrown on stage tonight.”

The one thing I really appreciated about this show was him singing the entire song. No cutting out the second verse and jumping to the last one. We were treated to every word.

I also liked the fact that at the end of the show, each band member introduced themselves.

The only disappointment of the evening was not hearing Matrimony: Maybe You. It’s probably my favorite Maxwell song. Well, I love Each Hour Each Second Each Minute Each Day too, but I didn’t expect him to sing that.

As for his opening act Jazmine Sullivan, she should have a conversation with her sound people because I could hardly understand a word she said. This is unfortunate because had she sounded better, I may have bought her album.


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