How do you enjoy a good concert?

As you may have surmised from my blog, I’m a huge fan of concerts. I get much pleasure watching an artist bring a CD to life. For me, there’s nothing better than spending several hours listening to good, live music.

This year, I’ve been to more than 10 shows. Some have been at intimate venues; others at arenas. Whenever I’m in a position to stand and dance, I do.

My idea of having a good time at a concert is dancing freely and singing hard and loud. During the New Edition concert last year, I broke into the dance they do during the chorus of the If It Isn’t Love video. Thankfully, I had most of the row to myself.

It’s perplexing to me when people stay seated the entire show. I saw a lot of this at the Maxwell show I attended a few weeks ago.

For the life of me, I can’t comprehend how someone paid for a concert ticket and they never leave their seat. I mean, it’s a concert, not the ballet or opera!

Maybe they are trying to be cute and don’t want to mess up their outfits.

Maybe they were having a good time, but when you are sitting there with your arms folded across your chest and not even attempting to move to the beat of the music, it makes me wonder why you even bothered coming out in the first place.

I know there are people who will say, “I paid my money and will enjoy myself sitting down,” and that’s fine.

But don’t get mad when I’m standing in front of you, dancing and singing to my heart’s content.

Because I paid my money too.


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