My date with Maxwell on Oct. 17

Yes, you read the title right. I had my own personal date with Maxwell. Yes, there were thousands of other women there and yes they were all screaming for his sexy, grown man self.

But that doesn’t matter.

As far as I was concerned, I was the only woman he was singing to Saturday night at the Sleep Train Pavilion in Concord, CA.

Am I a bit delusional to think that he was singing about me when he sang Stop the World?


But I stand by my belief that he was singing only to me!

Seriously, having seen Maxwell several times before this, I must say this was his best show to date. When those screens opened up and he hit the first note, I knew this would be a night I wouldn’t soon forget.

And forget I haven’t.

There’s something that happens when Maxwell puts the mic up to his mouth and sings about doing a little Sumthin, Sumthin and Getting to Know Ya – everything around ceases to exist and you are transformed to another world.

The focus becomes on one man singing words you wish a “real” man would say.

There’s a line in Love You (the one song I wanted to hear, but he didn’t sing) when he says “Honey baby tell me I can be your man,” where I think, dang, it would be really sexy if a man really said that to me!

Back to the concert. Maxwell performed songs from all of his albums, but of course the focus was on his latest release Blacksummer’snight (where the aforementioned Love You comes from).

The show opened with Phoenix Rise (an instrumental tune on Blacksummer’snight) and moved on to Dancewitme (from his first album Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite).

But the song of the night (for me anyway) was Stop the World. My anticipation level was high because every single time I hear this song, I literally begin to imagine the world stopping while I’m with that special someone.

“Let the world rage outside/’cause when I’m here with you/the world stops for me/the world stops for me/and then extraordinary, ordinary things/things I can’t explain with subtext/the world stops for me”

See what I mean?

From the first note of Stop the World, my tunnel vision zeroed in on Maxwell and didn’t cease until the encore. That might have been because he followed Stop the World with . . . Til the Cops Come Knockin’ (another one of my favs). That has to be one of his sexiest songs ever!

I’m sure there were some babies made that night after people went home. Yes, a Maxwell concert is “that” kind of show.

Chrisette Michele and Common

Although the night most certainly belonged to Maxwell, I have to mention Chrisette Michele and Common’s performance.

I’m familiar with Chrisette’s first album; unfortunately she only sang songs from her new CD Epiphany. It turns out that was perfectly fine because I now want to buy the album.

Common is a sexy brotha and was an excellent addition to the tour. I’ve always enjoyed Common’s music because his style and flow are unique, and he isn’t one to do something because the next man is.

He had the crowd on its feet for most of his set, but especially when he took a trip down hip-hop memory lane – Tribe Called Quest’s Bonita Applebum, Wu Tang’s CREAM, Biz Markie’s Just a Friend, the Notorious B.I.G’s Juicy and Dr. Dre’s Nuthin’ but a “G” Thang (featuring Snoop) – all brought back memories of great hip-hop moments.

Along with rapping, Common is also a break dancer – that had to be one of the highlights of his show. If Common comes to town again, I will without doubt check him out.

It’s not too late: Maxwell’s tour ends Oct. 23 in Baltimore. Click here for more information.

Upcoming concerts alert:
En Vogue, Oct. 28-30, Yoshi’s Oakland. Tickets are $50.

Husband and wife Kenny Lattimore & Chante Moore, Nov. 13-15, Yoshi’s Oakland. Tickets are $40.


3 thoughts on “My date with Maxwell on Oct. 17

  1. i c maxwell still does his thing. when i began reading i said to myself that's neat, and how i wouldn't mind my own personal date w/ keyshia cole.then i saw what else you wrote, yet still feel your sentiment.

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