Mary gets Stronger With Each Tear

I made sure I bought a copy of Mary J. Blige’s new album, Stronger With Each Tear the day it was released. I was confident that MJB would provide listeners with another CD that would be played from beginning to end.

My confidence was not misguided. I haven’t stopped listening to this album since Dec. 22. I’m actually listening to it right now. What better way to review a CD than to have it playing in the background?

I’d like to think that Mary has been on a journey of self discovery since the release of What’s the 411? in 1991. It’s a journey that I’ve taken with her. Mary has been with me from my junior year in high school, to what I like to call my grown woman years. My Life was on heavy rotation my freshman and sophomore years of college, and I related to Growing Pains (her last release) on every level.

I knew I would love Stronger With Each Tear the moment I heard The One. I’ve been walking around saying “I ain’t sayin’ that I’m the best, but I’m the best” for much of 2009. Then I heard I Am on the radio a few months ago and couldn’t wait to hear the rest of her CD.

I absolutely love I Feel Good. It’s a song you throw on when you are getting ready for a night on the town – knowing that when you step out the house looking fly, all eyes will be on you – and there isn’t anything anyone can do to you to make you feel any different.

I also love In the Morning. It’s a very simple song about Mary wondering if her man is going to be around in the morning after the relationship starts changing.

I’m wondering if she’s trying to send a message to her hubby, Kendu with the song I Love You (Yes I Du). Notice to spelling of “do.” If she is, he better pay attention!

With lyrics like, “I want to be together/together for forever/but I don’t think that you can see our love that far/cause when I’m giving you lovin’/I feel you’re holding back/we can be in the same room and I don’t know where you’re at,” she’s definitely saying something!

Kitchen always makes me laugh when I hear it. The line, “Trying to take my man/is like trying to take my money/and trying to take my money/just ain’t happening,” cracks me up. Never let a girl cook in your kitchen!

My sister and I have been discussing what song should be the next single. I think it should either be Each Tear or I Feel Good.

On repeat: The One, I Feel Good, I Am and In the Morning

Skim through: Not a single song!

I can’t wait for Mary to tour. I think it will be another pass-out experience for me!

Speaking of tours:

Chris Botti: 7:30 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 10, Flint Center, Cupertino. Tickets on sale now. $$25-$55

Erykah Badu: 8 p.m., Friday, Feb 19, Fox Theater in Oakland. Tickets on sale Friday, Jan. 8, with presale tomorrow, Jan. 7. $49.50-$69.50

Chrisette Michele: 9 p.m., Saturday, March 27, Regency Ballroom, San Francisco. Tickets on sale Sunday, Jan. 10. $29.50.


2 thoughts on “Mary gets Stronger With Each Tear

  1. Mary J. Blige is definitely the truth. I cannot emphasize how much love I have for this sista. Good to see and hear Mary experience long overdue joy.

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