Jill Scott & Maxwell, Oracle Arena – June 5, 2010

As soon as I heard these two power house voices were touring together, I immediately sent out the “Do you want to go to this concert,” e-mail and bought the tickets.

The very next day, I won 2nd row seats on a local radio station – and I’ve been anxiously looking forward to this concert ever since.

I’ve only had such great seats at a concert one previous time, and I vowed to always try and sit as close as I possibly could.

The concert promptly began at 7 p.m., and according to my sources (I was running slightly late), the opening comedian, Guy Torry, was pretty funny.

While standing in line to buy a T-shirt, my sister – who flew from out of town to enjoy the second row with me – said, “Is that music?” It was indeed the beginning notes to Jill Scott’s “Gimme.”

While rushing to our seats, I danced my way down the aisle to seat number 11, enjoying Jill singing about wanting it in the morning and evening.

There is something about Jill’s voice that is at once powerful yet mesmerizing. You can feel her emotions come through as she sings about life, love, relationships and self. Throughout the entire show, she gave her all.

It was apparent that it was painful for Jill to sing the popular “He Loves Me,” yet, she made it through. This came after a commanding performance of a new song which will hopefully be on her forthcoming album.

Attending a Jill Scott show has always been, for me, a chance to feel how she feels when she’s singing about living her life like it’s “Golden,” or people hating on her or having “Crown Royal” on ice. I know where she coming from on that “Long Walk,” or when that certain man “Crosses My Mind” and she wants him to “Come See Me.”

Maxwell, on the other hand, just gives me the opportunity to live in a fantasy-land the entire time he’s on stage. Maxwell has an undeniable sex appeal that continues to improve as he matures.

When he appeared on stage and slipped into a mellow groove, I knew it was going to be another memorable Maxwell performance.

The voice, the moves, the smile, the style – Maxwell is just one sexy being! He could sing the pages of the telephone book and make it sound like a sweet love song.

Maxwell sang songs from each of his album including “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” “Ascension (Don’t Ever Worry),” “. . . ’Til the Cops Come Knockin’,” “Get to Know Ya,” “Lifetime,” “Stop the World” and of course the encore was “Pretty Wings.” He even busted out with Al Green’s “Beautiful.”

While I was worried about the performance of both artists not translating well in such a big venue, they both proved the show will still be dynamic no matter the size of the stage.

Up next:
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Essence Festival featuring such artists as Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Jill Scott, Chrisette Michele, LL Cool J, Lalah Hathaway. New Orleans, LA. July 2-4. essencemusicfestival.com


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