Caller number nine

Everyday, the local radio station (102.9 KBLX for those of you who live in the Bay Area) gives away tickets to various events. It could be tickets to a basketball game, Disney on Ice or concerts. Most times, I’m only paying attention the concert tickets.

Back in May they were promoting the upcoming Maxwell, Jill Scott concert by giving away fourth, third, second and first row seats. It just so happened that I bought my pre-sale tickets a few days before they started giving these seats away.

As I was getting ready for work, the DJ asked for the next line of Maxwell’s first single, Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder). The winner received second row seats.

Even though I just bought my tickets, I grabbed my cell and home phones and began the back-and-forth dialing. Each time a busy signal greeted my ears, I told myself I would try a few more times and end my quest to make eye contact with one of the sexiest singers my generation has ever known.

After I pressed send on my cell phone one final time, it began to ring. I immediately started praying, “Lord please let them answer the phone and I’m the right caller.”

“KBLX,” Kevin Brown answers.

“What caller am I?” I say.

“It happened the moment,” he says.

“When you were revealed,” I say back.

“Hold on and turn down your radio.”

For the next few minutes, I kept praying that my call wasn’t disconnected. Was I actually about to win second row seats to a concert of two of my favorite artists? My heart was racing when he finally came back on the line.

“KBLX, you’re on the phone with Kevin Brown and Nicky Thomas. Who is this?”


“Denice, what city?”

And so it went. I remember him saying something about maybe they didn’t have the right caller because I didn’t sound excited. I told him I was concentrating on making sure I said the line right. He said something about Maxwell singing to me and I said he would be holding my hand.

Nicky said something about that was going to be her. I corrected her and said it was going to be me!

After I said the correct line, I lost it. Did I really just win second row?!?!?

Yes indeed. I immediately called my sister and asked if she would come out for the concert (she lives in another state). She made her plans that day.

So, I say to you this – the next time you hear a radio station giving away something you really want, keep trying. You may just have a caller nine moment of your own!

BTW: The concert lived up to all my expectations. See older post below for my review.


3 thoughts on “Caller number nine

  1. Your post took me back to my childhood when my sister and I would damn near break our fingers trying to win concert tickets from radio stations.Too funny @ hold on and turn your radio down. Which is exactly what the deejay says.

  2. Just like Don, I won concert tickets back in the day (when I was 10 yrs old)on KSOL. I was hopelessly in love with Bootsy Collins. Lol! Unfortunately I didn't get to go to the concert because no adult would go with me. 😦 As luck would have it, a few months later when we were on a family trip to Disneyland, he was on the same plane, and I got to meet him.Nikki

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