Heavy Rotation – Only You by 112 (thanks for the memories)

Every so often (more often than not), I’ll hear a song that triggers a memory I’ve either long forgotten or just tucked away in the depths of my brain.

Driving to the gym recently, the song Only You by the group 112 came screaming through the stereo (sometimes, I have my music cranked up a little louder than I should, but I like to feel music when I’m listening – especially when driving).

My thoughts immediately flashed back to Labor Day Weekend of 2007 where I was doing my duty as a bridesmaid for the fourth time (but by far the best). The evening began with a bridal shower and morphed into the bachelorette party.

There are scenes still fresh in my mind from that evening – a group of woman laughing, talking and just enjoying themselves; the bride soaking in all the love and attention from everyone who was there in support of her big day.

We finally made it to the last club, which was an upstairs, downstairs joint. Drinks had been free-flowing all night, so everyone was in their own little happy world – including myself who didn’t have enough to eat at the bridal shower.

Then, it happened.

The first notes of Only You came blaring through the downstairs DJ’s speakers.

And our group went wild.

Feeling the song and singing quite loudly, we took karaoke to a whole ‘nother level. It was like a scene at a concert – your favorite band takes the stage and the first notes of your song begins. You start going crazy because this is the song you listen to frequently and are now excited because you can sing it at the top of your lungs along with everyone surrounding you.

Except we were not at a concert, there weren’t thousands of other people around and our singing was probably way off key.

I’m not sure what the other club patrons thought, I just realized (quite later actually) that the moment Only You started playing, it would become one of those songs I would always associate with one of the best times I ever had in my life.

Later we found out we were singing so loud the people upstairs could hear us. I hope their memory of the moment is as fond as mine!


One thought on “Heavy Rotation – Only You by 112 (thanks for the memories)

  1. I have those moments all the time — especially with music from my childhood or college! BBD comes on, I feel like I’m in Junior High. Craig Mack’s “Flavor in Your Ear” takes me back to Freshman orientation at Hampton University every time I hear it. Memory recall is one of the most powerful aspects of music. Great post!

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