Web site helps you stay on top of upcoming concerts

There used to be a time when the radio was the best place to hear about upcoming concerts.

The Internet has modified that tremendously. Now, music lovers don’t have to rely solely on the radio disc jockey to provide the time, date and place their favorite artist is going to perform.

As an avid concert attendee, I’m always on the hunt to discover when those I like are taking their act on the road. I used to check several different Web sites, plugging in name after name so I would be on top of who was coming to my area. (I also happen to be the designated ticket buyer for my group of friends, so it’s important that I’m in the know at all times.)

After realizing my search method required too much time and effort, I happened to stumble upon a Web site that would do all the work for me; all I had to do was “track” my artist.

The Web site – songkick.com – allows you to follow thousands of artists (currently I’m tracking 78). You plug in your search area and ding! Song Kick sends you a customized e-mail with upcoming dates for the musicians you’ve selected.

Just today I received an e-mail from the “soldiers of Song Kick” regarding future shows for New Edition and Big Boi (one-half of the rap duo Outkast).

I’ve utilized this site for a couple of years now, and even though I can’t quite remember how I came upon Song Kick, I think it’s genius! It’s one of those sites I wish I had the foresight to create.

A Song Kick e-mail contains the necessary information pertaining to the show – venue, cost, etc. – and provides a link to purchase tickets.

Currently, according to wikipedia.com, songkick.com has 1.3 million users per month.

If you are a music lover and enjoy live shows, I highly recommend signing up for this free service so you can “be the first to know about concerts.”


One thought on “Web site helps you stay on top of upcoming concerts

  1. Great post! I’ve never heard of the site, but I will definitely check it out. I love live music — I’ve already bought tickets for two concerts in May! I’ll pass the information to my fellow concert lovers.

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