What was Jon B. thinking?

I’m a lover of the English language and am a firm believer of using correct words most of the time when I’m engaged in conversation.

What I’m trying to say is, I’m not a huge fan of slang. I don’t keep up with the most recent vernacular (especially in hip hop) and am usually the one in the group asking what skeet, skeet means.

Yes, I’m often that clueless person in the group.

If there is a slang word I happen to like, I tend to use it way more than I probably should. My favorite of the moment is HAM, as in “hot ass mess” (or, if you are a fan of Kanye West and Jay Z, it also means hard as a muthfucka).

HAM is the best way for me to describe the Jon B. show I witnessed Aug. 26. I won’t even discuss the venue (The Roxy Theatre in Denver, CO). I should have known this was going to be HAM when I received a raffle ticket as my entry to the concert.

Complete HAM on that, especially since I save all my concert stubs and they had the nerve to charge a service fee!

Dre Lane

My second indication this would not be an ordinary show? The opening act. Dre Lane threw out T-shirts throughout the course of his set, but I wonder if it was to distract from his lack of originality and talent.

I won’t knock him for trying, but you have to have more unique content than a song about haters, or doing a song originally sung by Tyrese and then asking the audience if they were feeling it.

I would if Tyrese was up there.

When Jon B. finally emerged, there was a keyboard on stage, so I’m thinking, okay, he’ll play the keys and sing.

He played the keys alright, just at the wrong time. I didn’t mind that he sang along to the instrumental tracks because he sounded damn good, but what I didn’t understand was why he was responsible for starting and stopping each track.

Isn’t this what you pay a DJ for?

Jon B. on the keys.

Jon B. would jump on the keys at the end of some songs, problem was, his playing didn’t match up well with the still running track.

It became sort of a distraction, as did the random people who walked on stage during his performance. HAM all the way around!

I must disclose that my sister is more of a Jon B. fan than I am; therefore she knew the songs he sang, whereas there were three I recognized – Don’t Talk, They Don’t Know and Are You Still Down?. I really was there to keep her company.

Overall, had Jon B.’s voice sounded HAM, I would be upset about spending money for this show. I can’t lie though, he definitely has a voice (and looks) that continually improve as he matures.

If I decide to spend money on Jon B. again, I hope he at least has a DJ to do the track work while he concentrates on the vocals, better keyboard playing and making the ladies scream.


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