$275? Somebody is on one

There’s been a lot of Beyoncé in the news lately – the singing of the national anthem at the inauguration (who cares if she sang over a track, it was still her voice), Super Bowl half-time performance (I applauded her effort when she was done), her documentary, which really didn’t reveal too much of anything. But that’s not shocking since she keeps her private life close to the vest, which I do not fault her for in the least.

Oh, and the Bow Down/I Been On song, which generated controversy for no reason other than people have put Beyoncé in a box and expect her to stay there.

And now, she’s on tour. I’ve witnessed her live act once and enjoyed it immensely. I wasn’t opposed to seeing what Mrs. Carter had in store this time around, so I did what I always do when I’m interested in going to a concert – I checked whatever Web site that was selling the tickets to see if I could afford the price.

I literally gasped and had to sit back a few minutes to gather myself when I saw the $275 price tag for lower-level seats.

Did you really just read $275?

Yes, you really did.

To be fair, there were upper level seats for $58, and that’s great. And sure, the floor seats were $100, but those were general admission and no designated seat was involved. I’m at that age where I love to jam, but I now need to sit down sometimes.

Four years ago, I paid $90 for upper level seats to her show, and at that time, I thought it was ridiculous because nose-bleed seats should never be more than $50. But it was my first Beyoncé experience and I didn’t want to miss out.

Beyoncé isn’t the only artist asking an asinine amount of money for maybe two hours of music.

Her husband, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake want $171; Prince, with his “I like announcing a show at the last minute knowing people will come” self wanted $250 to watch him perform at a club. On the “Can I Afford It” segment of the Suze Orman show, someone called in wanting to spend $650 to see Justin Bieber (if I remember correctly she denied them).

I should mention that Prince sold out; as did Beyoncé. Tickets to the Mrs. Carter Show in San Jose have all been snapped up.

Obviously there are those who think the price is well worth it. I’m just not part of that group.

For the amount of concerts I’ve attended in just the last 10 years, I could not come up with a single artist I was willing to pay that amount of money to see. And I’ve seen some great shows – including Prince.

The most I’ve shelled out was $350, but that was for three days of non-stop partying at the Essence Music Festival in July 2010. For that price, I saw a multitude of top-notch artists – Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Earth, Wind & Fire, LL Cool J – and on.

It was well worth every penny.

If concerts are going the way of being above my price point, I guess I’ll have to find a new passion.

So I ask you, how much are you willing to spend to see your favorite artist?


3 thoughts on “$275? Somebody is on one

  1. Some time ago, along with some girlfriends, I jumped out there and purchased a ticket to see Madonna for $350. We were under the impression it was her last concert and wanted to take advantage of seeing the legend in action. I must note, the concert was not I’m my city but in Vegas so we set out for our overnight adventure.

    To quickly que to the finale, the concert was amazing! However, once my high from witnessing scenes I care not to see again and all the crazy, intoxicated drags was winding down, I realized I had $13 dolla to my name and not even a t-shirt to show for my whimsical experience. I was tired and really could have done with watching an HBO special. I was pissed when my back was sore from travel and could not afford the massage I so deserved.

    Sooo, next time my money will be spent on an all-day spa with Madonna ringing from my earphones as I sleep during my foot rub.

    Is it getting out of hand? Yes, the simple pleasures aren’t so simple anymore unless you’ve been willed tickets. I have a daughter and it’s sad that the days of simply saving a weekend’s babysitting pay to catch a concert is over.

    Thank you Neicy! I enjoy your blog. Looks like you may have to take up a collection for the next! I look forward to hearing about it.

  2. Great post, as always! Like you, I’ve shelled out money for the Essence Music Festival and had a blast! However, if you factor in all the acts I saw, it would come out to something like $30 for each artist (maybe even less) who preformed in the lounges and on the main stage.

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