I’m sure Dwele is a fine singer, but . . .

There are two lessons I learned about attending a concert of an artist whose music I don’t really know.

1. Just.Don’t.Do.It.

2. Don’t write the blog on your phone while standing at the show.

I just discovered I wrote about Dwele at Yoshi’s in San Francisco while looking through a notes application on my Droid. Not one to waste a perfectly written post, here are my thoughts about the show:

I’m writing this as Dwele is on the stage at Yoshi’s in San Francisco, and I can’t understand a word this brotha is singing.

When he is talking, I hear clearly and concisely what he’s saying.

But singing? Forget about it!

I even did the plug your ears trick – to no avail. Not familiar with what I’m talking about? The next time you are at a concert and don’t understand what the artist is singing, simply plug your ears and voila! You should be able to comprehend the song.

A simpler technique would be the use of ear plugs.

Back to Dwele, the music was way too loud (his microphone needed to be turned up for sure). I’m certain he’s a fine singer, I just can’t give a definite endorsement for his live show.

I know one Dwele song for sure (Find a Way), and I waited all night for him to get to that one song. When a hint of the first note began, I started my two-step like I was a big fan.

In reality, I’m actually not. I would say I’m more of an admirer. I like his music; I just don’t have a firm grasp on his style.

Yes, he’s taking up space in my iTunes library – along with thousands of other songs I’ll eventually get around to playing.

But for Dwele, I didn’t do my usual preparation before the show, which includes listening to the artist’s songs a few days in advance of the performance.

Now that the lessons have been learned, I definitely will be more prepared if I decide to attend another show of an artist I only admire. And I’ll stick to taking notes and wait until I get home to write.

So, have you seen Dwele live, and if so, how was he?


One thought on “I’m sure Dwele is a fine singer, but . . .

  1. I haven’t seen Dwele live; I’ve seen live clips of him on VH1 Soul. One thing I admire about Dwele is that he’s a musician, and not just a singer.

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