My Jodeci moment

Okay, I’m mad.

Maybe mad is a bit harsh. Upset, perturbed or disappointed may be better words to describe the feelings I’m having while listening to Jodeci’s third (and final) album, The Show, The After Party, The Hotel.

Released the summer of 1995 (I was headed into my junior year of college), this album brings back so many memories. As with all stages of my life, music played an important role in my college years. I vividly remember always having my Sony discman with me while traveling from one class to another.

During those times when I needed to escape dorm life, I would head to the guy’s side (my university believed in separate but equal dorm rooms, with men living on one side of campus and ladies on another). It just so happens that my place of choice escape was on the men’s part of town.

The old stadium (just typing those three words floods my brain with memories I’ve long tucked away), was a place where students would go to run around the worn and dilapidated track, hook up with the opposite sex, or spend a few moments envisioning the future.

I generally went there for the latter. I would climb the bleachers and sit at the top, listening to Jodeci while contemplating life’s trials and tribulations. Looking back, I realize the world was quite magnificent for me in college as I only had to worry about attending class, interviewing the next subject of my article or laying out a page at the university newspaper.

What, you might be asking, does all this have to do with present day, and why I’m upset about Jodeci? Because they should still be around making music. They should be touring and performing for people such as myself who often reminisce about yesteryear, and sometimes yearn for the uncomplicated and simple life.

The vision is clear: me – and hopefully thousands of others – singing along to Love You For Life, Forever My Lady, and Come and Talk to Me (the remix version).

Instead, K-Ci and JoJo are busy being on reality shows chronicling their issues with sobriety or relationship woes.

And who in the hell knows what DeVante and Mr. Dalvin are up to.

What I do know is that this group pulled me through many long college days and nights.

So, thank you Jodeci, for the trip down memory lane; I just wish your journey would have lead to a better place.

Am I the only one out there missing Jodeci?


2 thoughts on “My Jodeci moment

  1. I love Jodeci. “Come and Talk to Me” is my favorite one of their songs; however, I’m partial to the original version (smile).

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