The Voice

Last night, the first batch of contestants were eliminated from The Voice. I had no doubt the singer I’m projecting to win would make it to the next round. Before I tell you who I’m backing, there are a few things I want to say about this show.

I remember wanting to tune into the first season of The Voice because it was the complete opposite of American Idol, and the judges – Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton – seemed to be quite a diverse group, which I thought would make the show that much more entertaining.

If you haven’t seen The Voice, the concept is simple – the judges have their backs turned while contestants have 90 seconds to convince them to turn their chair around; hence, the name The Voice because performers are judged solely on their ability to sing. Since the judges have no clue what the contestants look like, they are often shocked when upon turning around.

Once on a judge’s team, individuals are coached into delivering their best in the battle rounds. After each round, the coach eliminates one team member, while the other moves on to the knockout round. Eventually, each team is comprised of four contestants who compete in the live round.

I followed the show the first two seasons, but didn’t watch the third. I honestly only tuned in this season because Cee Lo and Christina were replaced by Usher and Shakira. Well, I really only wanted to see Usher because he makes for some delicious eye candy.

Note to The Voice producers: This combination of judges is fantastic and you should keep it that way.

On Monday’s show, Vedo, a singer on team Usher performed Phil Collins’ song Against All Odds, which prompted me to head straight to iTunes and buy the song. This is one of the main reason I like this show – the contestants sing such a wide variety of music that it opens me up to songs and artists I have either forgotten or never knew about.

Take Judith Hill, who is on team Adam, and the one I’m projecting to win (she’s the only person I’m actually taking the time to call in and cast a vote for; I did, however, have to give Vedo a few votes on Monday). She sang a song I had never heard before – Always On My Mind by country artist Brenda Lee – and was almost brought to tears.

During her blind audition, we learned that Judith was set to be the lead female vocalist on Michael Jackson’s This Is It Tour. At his memorial service, she lead the song Heal the World.

Now I believe she’s on her way to being named the next The Voice, and it will be a befitting title.  If you don’t believe me, check out her performances on iTunes (she kills James Brown’s It’s a Man’s World), or just tune in next Monday and see for yourself.

So, are you watching The Voice and if so, who do you think will win?


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