The VMAs – I’m getting old(er)

Before I get into my take of the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), I want to extend a warm welcome to my new followers. I hope you enjoy my writings, and please leave your thoughts! I love comments!

For whatever reason, I didn’t do my usual fast-forward through the VMAs last night. Not sure why, but I actually watched most everyone’s performance. I’ll focus on that because no one really cares or talks about who won what.

Now, you have to be beyond confident to bare your ass cheeks on national television, and that is something Lady Gaga never seems to be lacking. She has way more confidence than I ever will, but her performance was typical Lady Gaga. After watching Miley Cyrus, Gaga was the tame one.

Speaking of Miley, I’m going to spend about five seconds on her performance because it’s already been talked to death. The child is trying way too hard. Someone please sit her down and have a long conversation about how she’s not helping her career coming out twerking, slapping a big black woman’s ass and gyrating on Robin Thicke like she wanted to take it further than dry humping. He is a married man you know.

There was nothing sexy about her performance. Raunchy? Yes! Trifling? Absolutely! Trashy! Definitely. Sexy? Nowhere near. Lastly, what was up with the whole foam finger and teddy bear theme? And grabbing your crotch like you are a dude? Disgusting. Be a grown woman and leave the stuffed animals alone please. We get that you are not Hannah Montana.

And poor 2 Chainz and Kendrick Lamar – and even Robin Thicke. Miley stole all their thunder with her antics.

Kanye West apparently didn’t want to be seen – hence his whole set was in darkness. I actually really liked it because it forced you to focus on what the song was about, and not have strobe lights blinding me through my television.

Speaking of flashing lights, I’ll go on ahead and say it – Justin Timberlake’s mini concert was hot. I have to give it to him – he gave a hell of a show. The N’Sync reunion didn’t excite me – probably because I was never a fan.

I still, however, am not on team Justin. Used to be, but yes, I am one of those who still has not let go of the Janet Jackson SuperBowl incident where he left her hanging. She may have forgiven and moved on, but I certainly am not about to let him back in the rotation.

I agree with Justin when he said he didn’t deserve the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award (but he was going to accept it anyway). Michael Jackson was in a league that no one will ever be able to attain. I understand naming an award after him is an honor, but I think MTV should consider calling it something else.

And why did they keep cutting to Taylor Swift when Justin was on stage? I mean, there were only thousands, upon thousands they could have shown instead.

If you’ve been following me awhile, you know I’m not a big fan of most hip-hop – Drake included, but I did enjoy him singing and his simple performance of Started From The Bottom. Sometimes, all you need is one mic and no entourage.

A few other observations: Jaden Smith is a really good cross between his mom, Jada and dad Will. He’s a little cutie. Too bad I’m too old for the youngin’!

I need some Bruno Mars in my life. He showed much passion while performing Gorilla, and he actually appeared to be singing live.

Where was Justin Bieber? Is this not his year or something?

Best commercial: I watched the Beats Pills commercial and laughed myself right onto the floor. Best line from the spot, “How ya name gonna be Thicke and ain’t nothing thick in your video? No more strippers? Just flat asses on flat screens.”

Your thoughts on the VMAs?


3 thoughts on “The VMAs – I’m getting old(er)

  1. Miley needs a good Dad snatching. Where is Mr. Achey Breaky.
    Couldn’t help but wonder who that Kanye song was about?
    Loved the JT mini concert, might make me get a ticket not time around. Not sure there’s any…body who deserves an award named MJ….but that another issue. After the show, there were a couple of songs that I wanted to download.

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