Hitting the dance floor with Dos Four

The one time Yoshi’s Oakland allows people to take pictures at the show and I don’t bring my camera.

Damn it to hell.

I had to settle for using my cell phone camera last night at Dos Four and Fito Reinoso’s performances. Alas, those did not turn out so well – except for the one I took with Dos Four after the show.

Dos Four was gracious enough to pose for photos after his high-energy performance.
Dos Four was gracious enough to pose for photos after his high-energy performance.

One out of 15 isn’t bad!

I saw Dos Four in September at Sundays in the Redwoods in Oakland, and was so impressed that I jumped at the opportunity to see him again last night.

Yoshi’s is a much smaller and intimate venue than the Woodminister Amphitheater; the main floor is usually filled with tables and chairs, but for Dos Four, a space was cleared for dancing.

And dance people did. You cannot sit down at a Dos Four show – his music and energy won’t allow it.

I must say this is the first show I’ve been to at Yoshi’s where I actually stood up and danced, and danced – and danced some more.

While the language of his music is in Spanish (and I don’t speak nor know a lick outside of the few phrases I remember from college), the music’s beats and rhythms are easily understood. They grab a hold of your waist and make you shake and sway what your mama gave you.

Almost made me want to take some salsa lessons.

Almost. I’m still stuck on my two step.

Leyder Chapman, Dos Four’s government name, hails from Cuba, but has lived in Oakland the last 12 years. His music is described on his Facebook page as “a distinct blend of hip hop, Reggaeton, salsa, and mambo as well as many other rhythms.”

According to his website, dosfourlcrecords.com, Chapman used to be a professional basketball player, but left that and his family behind to pursue a life of freedom in the United States.

Music, the site says, has always been a great love of his. He’s released several albums including Ochanlayeo (2008), Changana (2009), El Original (2010), Dos Mil y Una Tonga (2011) and La Vida Real (2013) (the last three are available on iTunes).

Click here for a video of last night’s action.


One thought on “Hitting the dance floor with Dos Four

  1. I checked out the video and it looked like a really energetic performance. I’ll have to check them out the next time I’m in the Bay.

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