Unsung – Heavy D & The Boyz

TV One’s Unsung is back! For those who are unfamiliar, Unsung chronicles the journey of a wide variety of artists and groups, detailing their trials and showcasing why they are Unsung.

Basically, it’s a what happened to and where are they now show.

Last week’s episode focused on hip-hop group Heavy D & The Boyz. One of the main reasons I love watching Unsung is because I tend to either learn a few new facts, or I end up spending an hour reminiscing on music I grew up on.

Heavy D & The Boyz – comprised of Heavy D (Dwight Myers), dancers G-Whiz (Glen Parrish), Trouble T. Roy (Troy Dixon), and DJ Eddie F. (Edward Ferrell) – was one of the few rap groups I liked back in the mid-80s. As I’ve written before, I’ve never been a heavy hip-hop head (R&B has always been my favorite), but Heavy D made music I could not only relate to, but enjoy.

I vividly remember when Trouble T Roy died in 1990 (according to former road manager Jeff Christie, while on tour, folks were horsing around and a dumpster was pushed down a ramp. The dumpster veered Trouble T’s way. He was sitting on the ledge of a ramp and the dumpster hit him, causing him to fall to his death.)

He was only 22 and Peaceful Journey, Heavy D & The Boyz’s 1991 release, was dedicated to him.

This group was unique in that they didn’t curse (they actually made a song called Don’t Curse. I wonder if that’s even possible for today’s rap artists.) They made music you could dance to and play around your mama and not be embarrassed by the language – even though she probably wouldn’t like it just because it was rap.

Watching this Unsung, I was reminded that there was a time in hip hop where artists danced and appeared to actually be having fun. I kept thinking, “They are dancing in suits and their pants aren’t hanging off their asses!!!” every time they flashed back to a Heavy D video.

Aw, the good ol’ days.

My one complaint about this episode: I’m not sure if this show was in the works before Heavy D passed in November 2011 from a pulmonary embolism, but it would have been great if he was included in the interviews. I think it’s always best to highlight and honor people when they are alive.

Click here to watch the full episode.

Tomorrow’s Unsung focuses is Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. Before there was a J Lo, Lisa, Lisa was holding it down! I still know all the words to All Cried Out and I Wonder If I Take You Home.

In its fifth season, Unsung airs Wednesdays on TV One. Check your local listings for the time.


3 thoughts on “Unsung – Heavy D & The Boyz

  1. Great post! I love Heavy D and the Boyz. Matter of fact, I still have my “Big Tyme” tape … that’s right, TAPE! I missed the episode, but I will definitely catch it online or on demand. I’m looking forward to the Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam episode. I to know all the words from “All Cried Out” (smile).

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