Where has the old Kanye gone?

Dear Kanye West,

I miss the former you. Remember the good ol’ days of The College Dropout, Graduation and Late Registration?

Oh, are you, as your boy Jay Z says, On To the Next One?

Well, I wish you wouldn’t have strayed so far.

I remember you rapping about Jesus Walking and the Good Life, and thinking, I can get with this.

I kinda ignored 808s and Heartbreaks because well, it went over my head a little. But then you came back with My Dark Twisted Fantasy, and I was back on board. (I love when the beginning of Power filters through my earbuds from my iPod while I’m running, because it gives me that extra boost to push a little harder.)

But as of late, you’ve left me with several, “What the hell is Kanye on” moments?

Trying to take the confederate flag, which has been a symbol of racism and oppression since it was first flown by the Confederate States back when your ancestors were considered property and nothing else, and commercializing it by saying, “You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way — that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song New Slaves. So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag. Now what are you going to do?”

Not cool man. Your rationale just doesn’t cut it and it doesn’t change the intent or the meaning of the Confederate flag.

The confederate flag STILL represents slavery, Yeezus. Just like, no matter how many times some Black people try to change the meaning of the word nigger, it is still defined as, “A negro; – in vulgar derision or depreciation. It is usually intended and interpreted as highly insulting and vulgar.”

Putting your new fiancée Kim Kardashian, and the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama in the same sentence as if somehow they are on the same level? Get the hell out of here!

You were definitely tripping there.

Do you really believe that Kim is more influential than First Lady Obama simply because she Instagrammed a picture of herself, and the most prominent thing on display was her ass?


I like you, Kanye, I really do. I completely understood what you meant when you said George Bush didn’t care about Black people during that Hurricane Katrina telethon.

I really am trying to understand where your head is at as of late. I was even upset when President Obama called you a jackass.

I thought he was slightly out of line and could have kept that to himself.

But now? Now I see where the Prez is coming from.

Your talent is undeniable. You’ve always had an arrogant swag to you. There’s a line in Power where you rap, “At the end of the day, goddamnit I’m killing this shit/I know damn well ya’ll feeling this shit/ I don’t need yo’ pussy/bitch I’m on my own dick/I ain’t gotta power trip,” and I thought to myself when I first heard those words, “Did he really just say that????”

And I loved it! It truly is a song that amps me up every time I listen to it.

Your arrogance and super-inflated ego was fine in the beginning seeing as though you did almost die in a car accident 11 years ago. Hell, if I cheated death I too might be a little arrogant. Well, probably not because arrogance is one quality I actually can’t stand.

I must give you props for producing music I’ll probably still bump in 20 years.

But right now, you seem to be on a level I am having a difficult time comprehending.

So, Kanye, please tap into the old you. I know he’s still in there somewhere.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who is feeling Kanye is straight tripping. Click here to read Ricardo A. Hazell’s take on Kanye. Hazell is a journalist who has covered sports, entertainment and politics.


4 thoughts on “Where has the old Kanye gone?

  1. Interesting take on Yeezy. We often want artists to produce the same thing over and over. When music is truly personal and about expression, a fan base can grow with the artist as they grow (see Outkast). Kanye seems to rotate fans with each album and I don’t know if it is stunted growth or my inability to understand and connect with Kane’s growth or path, but I too will be listening to his music for years to come (with college drop out and graduation getting heavy rotation). Thank you PSS!

  2. Good post; thanks for providing the link to the other commentary. I’ve stopped paying much attention to Mr. West’s antics in recent years; I didn’t even know about his most recent stunt. His hyper arrogance used to amuse me, but now, I just want to know when he will learn to think before he speaks. You can’t deny his musical gifts, but, damn homie–the confederate flag!

  3. And here I just thought I might be aging out of listening to new rappers. I will forever hold up my hands and shout “we want pre-nup,” heck, all lawyers should, but I could not wrap my brain on the confederate flag, or his sad explanation.

    Well said and thought provoking post.

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