Heavy Rotation – Bruno Mars

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Right now, at this very moment, I have listened to Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars like five times in a row (it might be six, but I’m starting to lose count). That doesn’t even compare to how many times the video has been viewed on YouTube – more than 212 MILLION times and counting!

I cannot get enough of him and this song!

Truthfully, Bruno has been on heavy rotation for the last few weeks.

Bruno Mars performing in Houston, Texas on Nov. 24, 2010. Photo credit: Brothers Le
Bruno Mars performing in Houston, Texas on Nov. 24, 2010. Photo credit: Brothers Le

Bruno came into my life a few months ago. The first time I took notice was after his performance on the MTV music awards back in August.

He performed Gorilla and I said to myself, “Who is this and why is he not in my iTunes library!”

I headed over to Rdio.com to check out his albums because, let me be honest, gone are the days when I would just buy an album on GP and hope it was worth the cost.

Plus, it irks me to spend money on an album I end up only listening to a few times. Rdio.com has developed a great site for users to preview music before purchasing.

I bought both Doo-Wops & Hooligans (2010) and Unorthodox Jukebox (2012) and I have listened to both – all the way through – at least five times each.

My favorite songs from his latest are obviously Locked Out of Heaven and Gorilla, but I love Young Girls, When I Was Your Man and If I Knew.

I’m a little perturbed that he only has 10 songs on each album. They make for a quick listen, but believe me, you will press play again once the final notes of the last song filter through your speakers.

His cover story in the April 26, 2013 edition of Rolling Stones magazine made me more of a fan. Bruno struggled (well, really, who hasn’t?) to attain the status he now enjoys as a pop star.

And at only 28 years old, he has many, many more years (hopefully) of churning out music I can put on constant rotation.

I’m proud of myself for expanding my musical palate.


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