Still obsessed with New Edition

Me in my New Edition shirt and acid washed jeans! Gotta love the 80s!
Me in my New Edition shirt and acid washed jeans! Gotta love the 80s!

I almost put someone out of my car the other day after she said that she did not like New Edition.

And yes I am serious. I almost reached over and unlocked the door myself to let her out.

How can anyone not like, scratch that, LOVE New Edition?

Just in case you are too young to remember who New Edition is, they are an 80s R&B group out of Boston, Mass.

I grew up on New Edition. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph (and eventually Johnny) were plastered all over the walls in my bedroom. I was so serious about my love for New Edition, that I even had posters of them on my ceiling.

Check out Ralph Tresvant behind me. I also had a thing for Al B. Sure too!
Check out Ralph Tresvant behind me. I also had a thing for Al B. Sure too!

And this was no easy feat because I had a waterbed. Imagine me placing a chair in the middle of said bed and standing on it just to put posters on the ceiling.

I was real serious and NE obsessed back then.

Remember Candy Girl? That song had me wishing I was Ralph Tresvant’s world, brightening up his day (yes, I loooooooooved me some Ralph. Still do).

Is This The End? Lord, I spent many days in the 80s belting out that song in my room. I had yet to experience any kind of heartbreak, but I felt the song just the same.

I wasn’t mad when Bobby got kicked out the group and was elated when Johnny joined. In 1988, they released Heart Break; in 2013 – 25 years later – I still know every lyric, every line, every riff, every note, every word.


My First NE concert was in 1989. If I remember correctly, it was my first concert EVER.

Not a bad way to begin what has now become an important aspect of my life.

I have everyone’s first solo effort, and I always knew they would come back together.

I even bought that mess of a Puffy produced album One Love. Least favorite of all their music, but I supported them anyway.

New Edition coming to town? I’m there. Hell, I even traveled to Los Angeles last year and saw them perform at the Nokia Theatre – on my birthday!

So for someone to say that they don’t like them in my presence is seriously offense.

And if you are reading this and don’t like New Edition, keep your comments to yourself!

But, if you loved NE as much (or maybe even more, which would be really difficult), as I do comment away!


3 thoughts on “Still obsessed with New Edition

  1. I’ve always loved New Edition; I still have my “New Edition” album. That’s right … I said ALBUM with the blue cover. My dude has always been Ronnie!

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