It almost didn’t happen

Before I delve into the long, long stressful day I had on Monday, let me quickly recap of my end-of-year concert activities.

December was great as I was able to attend two shows in my dream city that is New York. I had a glorious weekend taking in the sights, sounds and food with two of my favorite people in the place that never sleeps.

Always one to check out what’s going on in the city I’m vacationing in, I discovered that my man, trumpeter Chris Botti, was performing at The Blue Note for the last three weeks of the year (this has become his annual tradition). Of course I had to go because  when I’m at his show, we are on a date. He may not know it, but that’s beside the point.

As if the Universe knew to send us something fun to do on Saturday night, I received an email about Eric Roberson performing at the Sounds of Brazil (commonly referred to as S.O.B’s) I purchased tickets immediately.

CB DCR 12 27 13
Me, Chris Botti and the photo bomber!

Both were as fabulous as they usually. The highlight? Taking a photo with my man (see left)! Yeah, I had a photo bomber, but hey, she’s the reason why I started listening to Mr. Botti!

Now, back to the first line of this blog. Unless you were one of those who were not tuned into the Super Bowl half-time appearance of my new man Bruno Mars, he was hot, hot, HOT!

And it was a genius move to put tickets to his latest tour The Moonshine Jungle Tour on sale the day after said appearance.

I am the QUEEN of securing concert tickets. I pride myself on (for the most part) getting great seats. My friends always call or text and ask me to buy their tickets for them. While I was 20 minutes late in logging on to buy the Bruno Mars tickets, I thought, surely I won’t have a problem finding three good seats.

I could not have been more wrong.

I spent hours – yes, you read that right, HOURS searching and searching and SEARCHING for tickets. Mind you, 20 minutes into when they first went on sale, there was nary a lower-level seat left for his Oracle Arena show. Ticketmaster only kept giving me what I consider sorry upper level seats.

I told myself, this is going to be a game of perseverance. Throughout the day, I noticed more and more seats were becoming available. Great, I thought, they must be holding on to some floor seats.


I was finally able to secure three seats – well after midnight. I did take a break to enjoy a happy hour with some friends, but when I returned home, I was right back at it.

The seats are not together and they are up there in that nosebleed section I so detest, but there was no way I was going to miss this show.

No way.

I really feel a high sense of disappointment in how the ticket selling process was handled. I have never before had a 7 minute wait while Ticketmaster searches for the best seats on hand. And I did something I have not done in a long, long, long ass time – I dialed up Ticketmaster to see if I would have better luck securing tickets.

How about they don’t even have a live person helping you anymore! It’s all automated!

It irks me to no end that those same lower-level seats that were unavailable 20 minutes in are now being re-sold for more than twice face-value.


BTW: If you live in the Bay Area, click on my link to the right for upcoming concerts, as there are many great artists coming here. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be a great concert season!


3 thoughts on “It almost didn’t happen

  1. Even with the nosebleed section seats, you’re going to enjoy the show! The only difference is your photos will be of the screen and not the stage. I can’t wait for your blog post about the concert (smile)!

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