Looking forward to 2014

We’re further into 2014 than I like (days turn into weeks and weeks into months so quickly now-a-days!), and musically, there is so much I’m looking forward to. I’ve come up with a few items that are definitely happening this year (and that I think you should check out).

Tomorrow, I’ll post a few “wish list” items that would really make 2014 all the more better.

Outkast: I have been dreaming (out loud and in my head) for YEARS about André 3000 and Big Boi reuniting (I know I’m not alone in this desire). Loved both of Big Boi’s solo releases (Sir Lucious Left Foot … The Son of Chico Dusty and Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors), but I’ve had this craving for the sound of both voices together again for so long I wasn’t sure it would ever happen.

Dreams do come true as the pair is headlining this year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on April 11 & 18. Apparently, they are joining 40 festivals throughout the United States in recognition of their 20th year in the industry.

I would really appreciate a Bay Area appearance.

According to Big Boi in an interview on Revolt.tv, they are not working on new material together.

I’ll take what I can get (for now).

Ledisi: New look (her video for I Blame You showcases this), new attitude and a stronger sense of self is what Ledisi is bringing her fans in 2014. She’s dropping a new album on March 11 and starts touring in April (she’ll be in the Bay Area on May 21 at The Warfield in San Francisco. Yes, I already have my tickets!) I’m super excited because the Robert Glasper Experiment is her opener.

Said Ledisi last year during an interview with Essence.com, “You wouldn’t call it ‘The Truth’ unless you’re telling the truth. You’ll hear about the relationships I let go of. The relationships I found. The self-celebratory mood of being a woman. You’ll hear me leading and telling my man, since you love me so good, let me lead and I’m gonna love you. You’ll be surprised about how sensual, open and fun I am on this album. I’m grown now and I’m embracing that.”

Bruno Mars’ Moonshine Jungle Tour: After the almost fiasco I went through trying to buy tickets to his Oracle Arena show (see previous blog), I must say this is the one concert I’m most anticipating. I expect to leave the show hoarse as I will spend the next few months learning every single word, lyric, note, riff (you get the idea) of both Doo-Wops and Hooligans, and Unorthodox Jukebox.

I enjoy shows the best when I’m well prepared to sing my ass off!

The Floacist: I met her at The Vail Soul Music Festival in 2012 and took away from her a peaceful energy and strong belief in her artistry. I remember me mentioning my blog and the challenges I’ve faced with continuing my writing. In return she expressed why she continues with music – it’s all for herself. Something clicked within me upon hearing that, and this is a main reason why I’ve kept (and keep) Soul Musings Corner around.

On March 18, her third solo album, Rise of the Phoenix Mermaid hits the market. I still listen to her first solo effort Floetic Soul consistently, and I’m highly confident her latest will be on heavy rotation.

The Floacist recently released a new video for her single Feel Good. Love the look; love the sound, so I anticipate having the same feeling for the entire project. Keeping my fingers crossed that she comes back to the Bay Area, which I learned, during our conversation, was her only North American stop promoting Floetic Soul.

Valvin “V” Roane: The name may not ring familiar, but I say give him shot this year. I discovered this independent, once Philly-based artist while he was a backup singer for Jill Scott during her Beautifully Human promo tour in 2004.

V (as he’s known professionally), has toured both nationally and internationally, and released a few albums (The Revelation is Now Televised, It Is Finished!: The Paradox Vol. 1 and V Formation). There are plans for a new release in 2014.

If you take a listen to Jill’s The Light of the Sun, you will hear this soulful crooner on Missing You (which is so damn sensual!). Click here for his performance with Jill at NJ Pac in 2011.


One thought on “Looking forward to 2014

  1. Great list! Like you, I am really excited about Outkast going on tour. As always, I’m looking forward to all the photos of the shows you attend that I won’t be able to go to (smile).

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