Review: Ledisi colors outside the lines with ‘The Truth’

Ledisi performs at the Vail Soul Music Festival in August 2011.
Ledisi performs at the Vail Soul Music Festival in August 2011.

Right now, I’m in the midst of preparing for two concerts in May – Bruno Mars and Ledisi. I’m determined to master all of Bruno’s 20 songs; Ledisi’s new project The Truth has been listened to almost every day since I bought it on iTunes March 11.

Album review logoWe now live in the age where there are usually two album options – the standard and “deluxe” edition. I opted for the latter when it came to Ledisi because of course I wanted the extra three songs (the original has 10).

Sidebar, since when does a deluxe edition contain only 13 songs? Granted, they are all fabulous, but deluxe, to me, is at least 18 songs!

I own every single Ledisi album; I follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and I was extremely pleased when the latest issue of Essence arrived in the mail and there she was gracing the cover in all of her beauty and grace and loveliness.

I’ve become a devoted fan, and as such, sometimes devotees aren’t all that accepting when an artist decides to go in another direction.

In interview after interview I’ve read that Ledisi took time to focus on herself, and this album was a reflection of her journey.

I, for one, am loving every aspect of this “other” Ledisi!

The box that some want her to stay in? She’s stepped out, broken it down and sent it on to be recycled.

Growing up, most of us are taught to color within the lines. It just looks neater.

There are times however, when coloring outside the lines is soooooooo much more fun.

Ledisi’s The Truth colors way beyond those lines, and in the process, gives fans a CD worth listening to constantly.

I knew this was going to be a great album when I heard the first single, I Blame You. The song and accompanying video is all you needed to see to know the Soulsinger (her first album) Ledisi has been replaced by the Lose Control woman.

As she sings the chorus: “Baby, I’ma blow your mind/I’ma show you somethin” new this time/Somethin’ you ain’t never ever, ever, ever had/I’ma make you lose control/It’s going down when you get home/I don’t even have to ask/I’m the best you ever had/Hope you’re ready/Cause I’m gonna make you lose control,” you are convinced of her self-assurance and confidence in pleasing her man.

My favorite line from Lose Control is “I’m gonna leave you speechless.”

Tell him girl!

Every song touches on a different level of love’s journey. Whether it’s about a break up (88 Boxes), or a troubled relationship (Like This), or the realization that things just aren’t the same as they once were (The Truth), Ledisi’s voice holds a high level of emotion and truth through every word.

Previous Ledisi releases contained mostly mid-tempo and slow songs – not much that could be played in today’s club scene.

Not so with The Truth. Songs That Good Good, Missy Doubt and Mine (deluxe edition only) make you want to get up and shake it in front of a mirror.

Overall, I’m intrigued and fascinated with this “new” side of Ledisi. I have been, and will continue to root for her, with the hope that she continues right on coloring outside those damn lines!

What fun is it to live for what others want or think you should be?

None at all!

As I stated at the beginning, I’m prepping for Ledisi’s The Truth concert, which begins Wednesday in Jacksonville, FL. The tour features The Robert Glasper Experiment. Check here for the complete tour schedule and to buy your tickets – because why would you miss the opportunity to see this show!

If you’re in the Bay Area, she’ll be in town on May 21 at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco.

Look for me in the third row!


One thought on “Review: Ledisi colors outside the lines with ‘The Truth’

  1. I love Ledisi! She has both New Orleans and Oakland (my hometown) roots and she is so down to earth. I hadn’t purchased her latest project yet, but I’ll definitely download it from iTunes tonight! Thanks for the great post.

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