Maxwell’s desire? Wet panties!

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Maxwell performs at Mountain View Winery in Saratoga, CA on June 23, 2014

Maxwell apparently had one thing on his mind while performing at Mountain View Winery in Saratoga, CA on June 23.


More specifically, wet panties.

“Are they wet?” he asked the mostly female audience at the beginning of BLACKsummersnight’s Bad Habits.

Maxwell worked that song with his falsetto to the point where he made it the perfect throw your panties on the stage moment. “I want some coochie sweat tonight. I want panties to be wet like they’ve never been wet before,” he said upon completing Bad Habits.

If I had some, or was bold enough to take off the ones I had on, I sure would have thrown mine from my far away seat.

Maxwell 6 23 14 16With 18 years in the music industry, Maxwell has definitely grown into a highly confident, self-assured artist. He knows how to work the audience; he senses what women want and plays to that. His suggestive dance moves give you just enough to think of what could possibly happen if you are ever lucky enough to be alone with him in the right environment.

In my head (and I’m sure in the minds of millions of other women), Maxwell is my imaginary husband. When you are that fine and can write and sing love songs like no other, it’s not difficult to understand Maxwell’s appeal.

His sexy swagger puts most current R&B singer’s to shame. Maxwell has that “it” factor while also possessing a crystal clear, pure and authentic voice – but at times during the show, he seemed not know what to do when a few women (one in particular) became overly aggressive.

This fan took it just a little too far.
This fan took it just a little too far.

There’s nothing wrong with showing your appreciation for his talent. It’s fine the first time, but when you keep going back, and back again, you become a distraction. It was evident that the self-proclaimed “shy” Maxwell clearly became flustered and discombobulated with all the attention.

“I can’t even focus ‘cause I got a couple of people in the audience that just took me out of my Superman zone. Out. I’m like Clark Kent right now. That’s messed up, no super powers. Nothing.”

That was followed by, “I don’t really smell the vaginal juices flowing. I know we’re outside, so maybe that’s the reason, but last year it was a little funky in the air.

“I don’t feel the wetness.”

And, with that statement, Maxwell regained his Superman powers and rolled right into Stop The World. “Tonight, we’re not gonna go to the bedroom. We’re gonna make this thing real interesting. Oh yeah. … I’m gonna carry you down the stairs, baby. I’m gonna take you in the kitchen, baby. I’m gonna throw you on the counter, and do what we’re meant to do.”

And that’s just a taste of what happens when the world stops, according to Maxwell.

Only thing missing from this almost hour and a half set was new music. At one point Maxwell says, “I just want to tell you that I’m so fortunate to be with you again tonight. This is dedicated to you. I hope you like the song. It’s a new song,” but then started singing Fortunate.

Really dude? I hate being teased.

Maxwell 6 23 14 5I get it. Maxwell likes to take his time; he’s a creative being and doesn’t want to be rushed. But damn it to hell, it’s been FIVE fricking years! I need new songs to play on my iPod!

I’ve always said that if a single man was looking for a woman, he should round up a few of his boys and head to a Maxwell concert. I’m willing to bet there were a lot of wet panties after Maxwell’s set was over.

Final note: On the way out, I ran into the overly aggressive woman and, according to her, when she wrapped her arms around Maxwell’s neck, she whispered in his ear, “I would fuck you so good.” Wow. That may be the reason he didn’t sing . . . Til The Cops Come Knockin’.

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Setlist: Sumthin’, Sumthin’, Get to Know Ya, Bad Habits, Cold, This Women’s Work, Lifetime, Love You, Fistful of Tears, Stop the World, Fortunate, Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder), Pretty Wings.


One thought on “Maxwell’s desire? Wet panties!

  1. I LOVE Maxwell. It sounds like it was a very memorable show. Like you, I’m waiting on his new music; it has been way too long. Great post!

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