Teddy wants you at his place

Retro Classic logoWelcome to my first “Retro Classic!” To kick things off, I want to highlight a song from the late, great Teddy Pendergrass.

I very rarely listen to the radio anymore. Once the old 102.9 KBLX became “new” a few years ago, (translation, they had to compete so they switched up the format) I, in turn, started listening to my iPod a lot more.

The other day, however, I tuned into KBLX and Teddy Pendergrass’ song Come Go With Me was playing. As I listened to the words, I couldn’t help but think, “Now this is how you get a woman over to your place!”

Teddy laid his case out real smoove:

“I don’t feel like being lonely tonight . . . and you look like you’re just my type,” he begins.

“Let’s take a sip of some cold, cold wine . . . you won’t be under any kind of pressure.”

Because, he continues on, “. . . we’ll just let the evening flow.”

At this point, Teddy knows he’s enticed her and she’s halfway there, but it’s going to take a bit more convincing.

“You look like you’re just bored to death, and you wanna get away. . . . let’s go where it’s nice and quiet, where there’s nobody, there’s nobody else around.”

Alright now! He’s 99 percent done!

The best part for me is the conversation between him and a woman at the end. They go back and forth – she’s still on the fence, but he keeps laying it on thick. Teddy knows the more she thinks and the more he talks, she will eventually succumb and head on over to sit by that cozy lit fire and be each others company!

There’s a clip of him singing Come Go With Me and Close The Door on YouTube. I see why women were throwing their panties on stage at his shows!

While Pendergrass passed away in 2010, I’m thankful he left some great music for me to blog about!

BTW: Some men would benefit if they studied this song as it gives some pointers on how to woo a woman, which has become a lost art.


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