Al B. Sure and those faces

Classic flashback logo1Al B. Sure’s Nite and Day

While looking for something to watch on television recently (with the 200+ channels my cable company forces me to have, one would think it would be easy to find something good to watch, but that simply isn’t the case). Anyway, I paused on Centric because the station was playing music videos.

It’s so rare to see actual music videos on TV these days (MTV really did used to be all about music back when it was first conceived) that I ended up watching the entire hour.

I did a little digging and discovered Centric actually airs three music video only shows – Centric Soul Sessions, Centric Hits and Videology.

I set my DVR to record all of them because I enjoy watching videos I’ve never seen or haven’t viewed in a long time.

Sidebar: We need another TV show like Video Soul or Video Vibrations. If you were around in the 80s, you should know exactly what I’m referring to. If not, Google (or Bing) them.

Which brings me to today’s classic flashback – Al B. Sure’s Nite and Day. The entire time the video was on, I had one continuous thought running through my head:

Why in the hell does he keep making all of those ugly faces??? No, seriously, the expressions he has while singing, “I can tell you how I feel about you nite and day,” don’t do a thing to stir my loins!

Watch it below and you will see I’m telling the truth!

The song is not about someone who has hurt him or he’s mad at; he’s expressing his heartfelt desires for a woman.

Way back in my young pup days, I remember thinking how sexy Al B., was; now I watch it and think he looks angry and kinda creepy!

What’s your opinion of Al B.’s facial expressions?


4 thoughts on “Al B. Sure and those faces

  1. Now everyone that really knows me, knows I love 3 singers TO DEATH… Al B is the 3rd one…let me give you a few reasons why he was mad….

    1. His eyebrows (where were the threaders back then, or at least someone with a sharp razor)

    2. Those shoulder pass in that wool coat…got him looking like a linebacker for the Giants.

    3. That turtleneck….did you see how large the ‘roll’ was in it?!

  2. the song is what you feeling and the lyrics of the song… his facial expressions are a part of his true feeling for the lady of his life and that is all that should be taken from this video….Nothing more or Nothing less… but please continue to listen to his music.. a new CD is on the way and he will be touring soon… his last CD Honey I’m Home is another masterpiece you need to listen to it and write your opinion…. .

  3. I agree with “Nursedee” — I think he was trying “to convey intense emotion.” For me, the best parts of watching old videos is the good music and remembering what I used to wear back in the day (smile).

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