What you talkin’ about Apple?

Say it ain't so Apple! No more iPod Classic!!!
Say it ain’t so Apple! No more iPod Classic!!!

You know, I was just minding my own business while scrolling through my Facebook news feed, when this headline caught my eye:

“Apple Quietly Discontinued The iPod Classic This Week.”


How in the H-E-L-L are you going to stop making the one product that started all this “i” madness?

Reading the article at huffingtonpost.com, I just couldn’t believe that Apple was getting rid of its 160 GB music player.

My first encounter with the classic iPod was in 2003. A co-worker – knowing what a big music lover I am – asked if I had heard about this new music player that could hold all your songs in one device.

Again, SAY WHAT????

Of course I immediately did my research and, after much contemplating and saving (because back then, the cost was well over $400), I bought myself a 3rd generation iPod. When I received it in the mail (because if I recall correctly Apple stores didn’t exist where I am at that time) I gleefully opened the box and pulled out the earbuds, charger, docking station and hard copy instructions.

Back then it came with EVERYTHING; no having to go out and buy the accessories.

I was in IMMEDIATE love. No more lugging around my CD player while commuting. This one invention changed how I listen to music forever.

LL couldn’t live without his radio; I can’t live without my iPod.

So yes, I’m highly salty there will be no more iPod classics made or redesigned (though they are no longer available on apple.com, you can buy one on Amazon.com for the low, low price of $350).

I’m on my fourth – and apparently – last one. The first one died; the second one was stolen from my car (they broke my window) and I lost the third on a United flight, which still pisses me off when I think about it.

I get it, there’s the iTouch, shuffle, iPhone, etc., etc., etc., but they exist because of the iPod.

Apple was so undercover with this; I mean, they just had a major presentation on Tuesday about their new iPhones and watch.

They could have mentioned they were stopping production of the product that revolutionized the music industry. Think about it, with this invention came iTunes. When was the last time you bought a CD? I still do because I’m old school like that, but most download music.

So, if you don’t have one, or have been waiting to upgrade your old one, I say, get it fast; I’m certain the price is going to rise in the coming days.


4 thoughts on “What you talkin’ about Apple?

  1. Boo! People make fun of me, because I bought a classic to replace my stolen nano. But it holds tons of music. Yes, I know there’s cloud technology. How well does that work when one experiences networking issues? And for expanded functionality of the cloud one has to pay. Dang.

  2. I get teased too — just last week in fact (smile) — for still using my iPod classic. I came late to the iPod party, put when I got one, I got the classic with the largest capacity.

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