Prince: Another legend gone too soon

This may sound slightly nutty, but I have list of famous people (in my head) who I think are never going to die.

Yes, I’m quite clear that death will eventually come for all of us, but my mind just can’t process a world without certain individuals.

Maya Angelou was one of them.

Stevie Wonder is another. And so is Betty White and Cicely Tyson.

Prince Rogers Nelson also was on this list.

I first learned Prince had died when my sister called me for confirmation. I went to my usual news outlets, but they hadn’t yet said definitively that he was gone.

Then I read that TMZ confirmed the news. Think what you want about TMZ, but they are good for confirming the deaths of celebrities before most major news organizations.

And now, I sit here, in disbelief that yet another one of the musical icons from my childhood is gone.

I was in the fourth grade when the movie Purple Rain was released, yet, to this day I still quote lines from that movie. One of my favorites is, “This a bidness man!”

Anytime I’m around my god sister, I ask her to do the Sex Shooter dance from Purple Rain because she does a damn good job of recreating that scene (it’s actually quite hilarious)!

My one, and only time, witnessing the greatness of Prince was on April 28, 2001, during his Hit N’ Run Tour at what was then called the Arena in Oakland. My memory of the show is vague, but from what I do recall, it was a good ass show.

But of course it was. We are talking about Prince after all.

One thing I do remember is that, while he played the music to the “sexual” songs, (like Erotic City and Darling Nikki), he didn’t actually sing the words. The audience did, which made me mad because I came to hear him sing these songs.

So I vowed not to go see Prince again.

And I didn’t.

And now I’m mad at myself.

Prince was just in the Bay Area. He was just here, performing. And I made the decision not to go.


So many times, when someone of this caliber passes on, people say, “We will never see another (insert name) like this again.”

I know I said that when Michael Jackson died. And Whitney (Houston) too.

I started to say the same thing about Prince. But you know what? There isn’t supposed to ever be another Michael, Whitney, Bowie or Prince.

And that is how it should be.

So thank you, Prince Rogers Nelson, for gifting the world with music like no other. Thank you for being a true musician and leaving the world with a body of work to enjoy until the end of our days.


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